Club Events

The following events have been conducted by members of the Australian 100 Marathon Club in accordance with the club rules.

Please contact Bob Fickel to discuss the club requirements and to obtain endorsement for any new events prior to advertising or conducting the event.

Bob Fickel:

Beaches Unnamed Marathon Series Coastal Fun Runs HOOK for Bravehearts

Club events:

Anton's Marathon (2 Mar 2014)

Event Eligibility List

The following events have been assessed for eligibility purposes of the Australian 100 Marathon Club. In order to be "counted" the minimum number of finishers criteria must be met, which cannot be assessed until after the event is completed.

17-12-2017December HOOK #1Marathon
28-12-2017Coastal Brave Series #1Marathon
29-12-2017Coastal Brave Series #2Marathon
30-12-2017Coastal Brave Series #3Marathon
30-12-2017December HOOK #2Marathon
31-12-2017Coastal Brave Series #4Marathon
01-01-2018Harbour Coastal MarathonMarathon
06-01-2018Narrabeen Allnighter Marathon #1Marathon
07-01-2018Narrabeen Allnighter Marathon #2Marathon
14-01-2018Cadbury MarathonMarathon
26-01-2018Australia Day Coastal Series #1Marathon
27-01-2018AusTRAILia Day MarathonMarathon
27-01-2018Australia Day Coastal Series #2Marathon
28-01-2018Australia Day Coastal Series #3Marathon
24-02-2018Roller Coaster RunUltra
25-02-2018Semaphore Coastal MarathonMarathon
25-02-2018Wangaratta MarathonMarathon
26-02-2018JP Hotel Brokers MarathonMarathon
03-03-2018Baw Baw Trail Run FestivalMarathon
10-03-2018Six Foot Track MarathonUltra
10-03-2018Tassie Trail FestUltra
11-03-2018Grange Coastal MarathonMarathon
16-03-2018CBR48 MarathonMarathon
08-04-20183 Waters Running FestivalMarathon
15-04-2018Australian Running Festival MarathonMarathon
15-04-2018Buffalo Stampede SkyMarathonMarathon
22-04-2018Braverunner Coastal MarathonMarathon
28-04-2018HOOK April Double #1Marathon
29-04-2018HOOK April Double #2Marathon
29-04-2018Maroondah Dam Trail Run MarathonMarathon
06-05-2018Hamilton Island Hilly MarathonMarathon
06-05-2018Yumigo Hubert 100 MarathonMarathon
20-05-2018Great Ocean Road Running FestivalUltra

P.O. Box 744, Sutherland NSW 1499

Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results; and
5. There is a minimum of 3 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;