Membership is available to interested marathon runners in the following categories:

Australian Members & International Members - Open to all marathon runners who have completed at least 100 marathons.

Associate Members - Open to all marathon runners who have completed at least 50 marathons, and are chasing 100 marathons to achieve full membership.

Affiliates - Open to all other marathon runners who are chasing 100 marathons to achieve full membership.

If you wish to join the club, please forward a list of your completed marathons & a photo to Bob Fickel.

Melbourne Marathon Spartans
Melbourne Marathon Spartans

Australian Members

Runners who have completed 100 or more marathons

33315348Trent MorrowGosford, NSW20-04-2015
31281393Grahame Kerruish *Riverwood, NSW10-06-2012
29217309Ray JamesBalmain, NSW09-06-2017
2684272Rick PatzoldAlbion Park, NSW28-03-2018
26363326Jane TrumperDee Why, NSW10-07-2017
26169330Bob FickelWaterfall, NSW05-04-2018
26043303Dave StylesBayswater, VIC11-06-2018
25815273Jane SturzakerCheltenham, VIC26-02-2018
24053293Corrie DavelThe Gap, QLD03-05-2014
221302523Peter Gray *Geelong, VIC14-04-2013
21358271Julia ThornBrighton, VIC25-06-2018
20576281Brian GloverPortland, VIC07-06-2017
20273275Cheryl SymonsMurrumbeena, VIC28-03-2018
1912193John ZeleznikowVIC12-04-2015
1911192Michihito MuroiNedlands, WA03-07-2018
1861187Lester SmithLobethal, SA27-06-2016
184366550Kelvin MarshallQLD02-01-2017
1779186Karin TappourasForster, NSW04-10-2016
1704174Chris GlackenAdelaide, SA24-07-2017
1657172Peter MahoneyVIC09-06-2017
1651166David CanningsPNG06-08-2017
14651197Chris Stephenson *Cronulla, NSW06-05-2012
14628174Gerry RileyNSW10-10-2010
14511156Peter TrumperDee Why, NSW27-04-2016
1442146John Maccarone *Canley Vale, NSW24-04-2009
14346189Bruce HargreavesEight Mile Plains, QLD12-04-2015
1422144George Sodbinow *Lansvale, NSW20-08-2001
1367143Paul Crouch-ChiversQLD17-12-2015
13422156Stephen DunnSA03-08-2017
1340134Peter BryarVIC05-07-2009
1302132Jim CrawfordVIC31-05-2000
12512137Martin Thompson *Westleigh, NSW02-11-2001
12411135Roger Weinstein *VIC12-10-2014
1211122Oliver CareySydney, NSW20-11-2016
12075195Stephen LewisStanthorpe, QLD26-03-2018
11918137Peter LoganVIC24-10-2001
11822140Chris GamblePalmerston, ACT20-02-2018
11766183Steel BeveridgeNSW30-05-2015
11817135Peter BlackVIC09-11-2014
11710127Dusan HoraNSW02-03-2014
1160116Bernie BrennanVIC24-10-2001
11515130Dennis CunniffeQLD17-09-2004
1150115Frank Byrne *NSW23-05-2000
11459173Peter McKenzieQLD13-05-2016
11422136Brian Gawne *Shepparton, VIC14-10-2012
11319132Ken MatchettVIC12-10-2005
1134117Peter Nelson *VIC24-10-2001
1108118Steve MifsudNSW01-10-2017
10923132Doug KewleySA21-06-2018
10972181Glenn LockwoodLittle Bay, NSW07-04-2018
10810118Michael EllingsenUK16-05-2016
1080108David ElliottNSW10-06-2012
1057112Gary PattrickBrisbane, QLD11-11-2015
1050105Jim BarnesWA17-06-2012
10428132Colin BrooksSemaphore Park, SA11-09-2017
10355158Stan MiskinVIC23-04-2006
1022104Kevin BarryVIC31-12-2017
10256158Mick FrancisWA26-10-2014
1003103Colin Silcock-Delaney *Port Campbell, VIC15-07-2017
1000100Roger GrattanBrisbane, QLD12-08-2017

* Runner list incomplete

International Members

Runners who have completed 100 or more marathons

6516657Andrew Kotulski *Montclair, NJ USA02-09-2012
46729496Timo MarjomäkiKauhajoki, Finland28-06-2017
3918399Ching-Te (Dale) HuangTaiwan02-03-2014
29111302Cathie JohnsonTennessee, USA19-05-2018
29111302Troy JohnsonTennessee, USA19-05-2018
2890289Malcolm GrayAuckland, NZ03-07-2018
2660266Ingrid FrostNZ18-05-2016
2455250Jim ManfordNorthumberland, UK29-01-2016
2451246Graeme TindallMasterton, NZ20-06-2018
2090209Steve TubbsNZ11-08-2016
2041205Charlotte NaseyAuckland, NZ23-07-2017
1983201Tai-Hua LoTaiwan03-03-2013
1850185Chris LeahyLower Hutt, NZ26-01-2017
1750175Mike LeahyLower Hutt, NZ26-01-2017
1520152Kiri PriceAuckland, NZ07-06-2018

* Runner list incomplete

Associate Members

Runners who have completed 50 to 99 marathons

9426120Zed ZlotnickCoogee, NSW31-07-2017
8338121Roger BlackBrisbane, QLD20-02-2018
7834112Sarah-Jane MarshallRochedale South, QLD29-06-2017
77481Mark GoodwinTurramurra, NSW08-06-2018
7537112Arnold CohenNSW08-03-2014
73174Dawn ParksSouth Melbourne, VIC03-01-2018
721183Tristan MillerMiddle Park, VIC12-10-2014
682492Hilton KahlbergMelbourne, VIC02-07-2018
67976Anne MarjomäkiKauhajoki, Finland26-07-2017
6445109David BillettCoromandel Valley, SA01-08-2017
63467Robyn FletcherGlen Huntly, VIC07-06-2017
5845103Brad BoyleCurrans Hill, NSW10-11-2017
5745102Karen Woon Cheung ChanCoogee, NSW17-07-2018
54963Timothy HortonKangarilla, SA19-07-2017
50252Gavin MaHawthorn, VIC02-07-2018
50050Rob RobinsonProspect, SA07-01-2018

* Runner list incomplete


Runners who have completed up to 49 marathons

482371Ann OwenOatley, NSW12-07-2018
44448Victor ZieglerSydney, NSW03-06-2018
43043Ron GribbleSydney, NSW24-03-2018
401959Belinda LockwoodLittle Bay, NSW18-03-2018
3966105Kevin HeatonPennant Hills, NSW04-02-2018
37946Thomas LuxtonSydney, NSW28-12-2017
31132Danielle McLarenMelbourne, VIC26-07-2017
29029Michael WillisonAdelaide, SA02-05-2017
281745Darren LinneyParadise, SA25-05-2018
26026Don GriffinVIC15-10-2017
251338Leonor LawlerCanberra, ACT19-10-2017
22628Fiona HaddyAdelaide, SA17-09-2017
21728Brett SammutOrange, NSW26-02-2018
20929Greg FinlaySydney, NSW26-06-2017
16218Paul DareBlackwood, SA10-01-2018
16016Scott MartinKadina, SA07-01-2018
15318Frank DearnSydney, NSW09-07-2018
15015Jarrod GibsonTAS27-03-2018
11213Aaron RoyallCronulla, NSW05-07-2017
9413Chetsada PremananBangkok, Thailand27-01-2017
426Michael GentleEngadine, NSW28-12-2017
314Steven GaramySydney, NSW04-06-2018
101Cameron ParkinAdelaide, SA22-07-2017

* Runner list incomplete

P.O. Box 744, Sutherland NSW 1499

Club Rules

All marathons must be:
1. Official Marathons;
2. 42.195km distance; and
3. Completed in a single stage.

Marathons may be on-road or off-road & must meet the above criteria.

Official Marathons

An event where:
1. It is advertised in advance as a marathon;
2. It has a registration process;
3. It has a Race Director;
4. It has published results;
5. There is a minimum of 10 starters; and
6. There is a minimum of 7 finishers.

Ultra Marathons

If you run an ultra marathon you cannot count the marathon distance of it as a marathon. Ultra marathons will be listed separately to marathons.

1. Canberra Marathon 50km;
2. Six Foot Track Marathon;